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If you’re like many people, a home will be your largest financial investment. When it comes time to buy, sell, build, renovate, or even rent or lease, you want to work with a professional – someone who can give you accurate information and share the benefit of expertise in several areas of real estate.

Chris Smith’s combined experience in real estate and construction will help you have a smooth transaction, whether you’re buying, selling, remodeling, renting or leasing your home or commercial property.

Because of his background in construction, Chris looks at every property with the eye of a contractor. If you’re buying, Chris will help you determine whether you’re looking at a solid home that just needs a little TLC or one that needs extensive work. If you’re selling or renovating, Chris can help you decide which repairs to make and which ones to leave for a buyer. He can also help you scale your renovation appropriately to your home’s market value.

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